How to dress for a winter trip

by Ale Werner
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Not all of us were born in Nordic cities or near the poles, so not all of us are used to very low temperatures. It is important to be well prepared if we decide to visit countries where the winters are raw and cold. Since we can not take all our closet and our jackets because space is limited; here we leave you our best tips on how to get dressed for a winter trip.

Whether you want to travel to Iceland or take a ride to some place in height, like the geysers in San Pedro de Atacama, these tips will be very useful to keep warm and have fun walking in the cold.

Tips for getting dressed on a winter trip

1. The clothing layers are the key

Maybe you’ve heard it many times, but we want to repeat it. The key to keeping the body comfortable against the cold is to dress in layers. If the layers we use are the right ones and the right fabrics, then the cold should not affect us.

An important point on how to get dressed for a winter trip is that more layers are not always better. The amount you should use will depend on the outside temperature and your own body; There are people who tolerate low temperatures better than others.

  • First layer: It is the most important because it will prevent sweat from wetting your body and wetting your clothes. Read point two below for more information.
  • The second layer: It has the function of sheltering. Here you can use fabrics such as wool, polar or with feather content. Here the important thing is that the garment captures the heat generated by your body and not let it out.
  • Third layer: It is known as the “Shell Layer” and is responsible for elements such as snow, rain or wind do not cross to your body. Here the important thing is that it is waterproof.
  • Alternative layer: Isolation layer. This is used when you are not going to move and therefore you will not generate heat. They usually can be jackets of feather interior that also pack small to be able to take them with you and use them as extra if necessary.
How to dress for a winter trip

2. The first layer: It is not any layer.

At the time of making your suitcase to dress on a winter trip the most important of the layers is undoubtedly the first, and what many do not know is that it must be of the correct fabric. The first layer of cotton will only increase the cold; If you sweat a bit, the cotton gets wet and stays moist throughout the day. The first layer should be synthetic fibers or fine wools, its function is to absorb your sweat and avoid moisture in the body.

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Many of us make the mistake of thinking that a long sleeve t-shirt serves as a first layer when it is not; the same with women’s panties or men’s long pants. Here the most important thing is the fabric.

Think of skiers or high mountain climbers. They undergo constant freezing temperatures and that is why their equipment must be technical. It is not necessary to spend millions on this but to be smart when choosing which first layer you will take on your trip.

If you do not have access to a washing machine, there are first layers with antibacterial fabrics that prevent odors and allow you to use them for several days.

3. Keep the extremities warm (head, hands, and feet)

It is known that heat has certain ways out of the body that is more important than others. The extremities usually release much of the heat that your body manages to produce, so it is crucial to keep them warm. To get dressed on a winter trip and choose the right clothes for your suitcase keep in mind these body parts too:

  1. Hands: Use gloves that are thermal and at the same time keep the outer elements like rain and snow away from you. If you will not be in a place with a risk of rain or snow, then you can use wool gloves.
  2. Feet: It is important to use socks that are not cotton, they will moisten and keep the cold against your feet. Like the first layer, it uses wool socks or synthetic fibers.
  3. Neck: Never forget to wrap your neck. It does not matter how many layers or what warmth they are, if you do not cover your neck and avoid the wind and cold coming through, you will be lost.
  4. Head: The cap is a must. Yes, nobody likes to go out in the photos with their hair stuck to their heads, but if you invest in a nice and warm hat you will see how it improves your day in the cold.
How to dress for a winter trip

4. The right shoes

Shoes are also key when dressing for winter. Find out first if you will be walking on wet streets or with snow. If you go out with non-waterproof shoes then it will be inevitable that the cold will reach your feet, and therefore your whole body.

Water boots in case of rain and warm interiors in case of extreme cold will be your best allies. Today there are so many nice alternatives in the market, that there is no excuse not to leave your hotel with the right shoes.

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5. Hand and foot warmers

If all else fails and you are still cold, then ask in business for heaters of hands and feet. They are small stickers or disposable bags that stick to the socks or put inside the gloves. Emanate heat for about 5 hours and then you can throw them away. They sell them in all the coldest countries and cost about a dollar.

As you see, dressing for a winter trip is not rocket science, but it is important to get ready from your home. If you are very concerned about fashion, you can wear outer layers of different styles and colors and play with them. The first layers and intermediate layers can be repeated several days; If they are of the correct fabrics and of good quality, they should not take bad odors.

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