How to have internet when traveling and stay connected

by Ale Werner
how to stay connected while traveling

How to have internet when traveling and stay connected

It is true that most people, and if you are reading this we bet you are one of them, want to stay connected while traveling. Either for comfort to look for information, have an online map easy to access, or just to be in contact with family and friends. Here we leave you 4 ways to have internet when traveling and stay connected (or be connected only when you want to be… leaving the phone a bit on the side while traveling is not a bad idea either).

1. Local SIM CARDS to have internet when traveling:

You would not believe how simple it is to buy a prepaid sim card in many countries, and how cheap it is in a lot of them as well. In general, the all-in-one amazing international sim cards that should work all over the world really do not, and the prices end up being so much higher. That is why we recommend that when arriving in a new country, you should buy a local prepaid sim card with the charge you think is necessary during your stay.

In most airports, there are stores that sell these local sim cards. You can also buy them in the city centers or directly in some telecommunications companies. Investigate a little bit before arriving to the country of destination for the easiest way to get a local sim card.

If your phone is not unlocked for companies outside of your country, we recommend this website. It is trustworthy (according to our experience) and easy to use. We have unlocked more than 5 phones there without having any problems.

This is the easiest way to stay connected while traveling. It will allow you full freedom to search for information and talk to whomever you want; from wherever you are and at all times of the day.

Only a local sim card will give you the freedom to always stay connected

how to stay connected while traveling

2. Stay connected to the internet in hotels:

Nowadays most of the hotels have a wifi connection. However, when choosing it, read the recommendations and ratings of other passengers about the wifi quality and conditions (especially on platforms such as or similar). In some, it can work very slowly or it may be available only in some rooms and spaces of the establishment. It also can be charged as an extra service and not being included in your room rate. However, it is an excellent way to have internet when traveling and stay connected

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how to stay connected while traveling

3. Be connected to the internet in the cities:

If you did not want your own chip, most restaurants, bars, and cafes can give you a password to connect while you are eating or consuming something in them. You just have to ask for it.

4. Connect to the internet at airports:

In general, most of the airports would give you access to the internet in exchange for you to give them some information about you. This access may be granted for a limited amount of time, so take advantage of every minute. Generally, they only use this information for demographic and preferences market studies about the passengers.


Some time ago, we found this map that some wonderful traveler wanting to help another put-together. In it you can find the passwords of several wifi hotspots at airports and, in general, it works well because every user worries about keeping it updated. It is an excellent way to have internet when traveling and stay connected. If you find out any hotspot that is not listed or that some passwords is not updates, you can collaborate by leaving the details in the link provided on the map. The idea is to help others too!

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