How to choose the best Airbnb

by Ale Werner

After more than 30 reservations of Airbnb apartments for the last 3 years, we have come to decipher a list of things that you should find out or to which you should pay attention before choosing the best Airbnb available in your destination.

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If you are still having doubts about staying in an Airbnb, find here 5 reasons to stay in an Airbnb.

1. Look for your Airbnb rental in advance

Searching in advance for your Airbnb will allow you to opt for the best alternatives in the city. Since the prices are paid by the owners themselves, some include discounts for reservations of a certain number of days or try to be the most competitive of the Airbnb apartments in the area to ensure your reservations in advance.

If you search at the last minute, you will only see those apartments that nobody wanted to book. Remember that this is not like hotels that have many rooms available, here there is only one booking option per date.

In addition to finding your accommodation in advance, remember to also book the tickets to the main attractions of the city. Here we tell you why this is an excellent idea.

2. The SuperHost of Airbnb apartments

Airbnb has implemented a system that helps a lot when trying to choose the best Airbnb apartment for you. This is a classification of the hosts, where those with better comments, more leases completed or more properties on lease are given a rating of “superhost”. In general, these are hosts that you can trust on, and that will not surprise you with last-minute cancellations or bad apartments. With this, the platform helps us strongly on how to choose the best Airbnb.

3. Look for apartments with 10 or more comments, the more the better

Those apartments with less than 10 comments may be equally good, but you run the risk that they are not. We recommend always choosing those Airbnb apartments that are rented constantly and with many comments from travelers.

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4. Read the comments conscientiously, especially the bad ones

The best way to understand what you expect from an Airbnb apartment is to read the comments of other previous tenants. It has happened to us that some hosts ask you positive reviews or that they manage to generate a bond with you being very friendly, even if the department is not so good. For this, look for negative comments or with less than 5 stars. Look for noisy neighbors, uncomfortable beds, very loud street noises, kitchens with little equipment. This way you get a real idea of what awaits you when renting that Airbnb apartment.

5. Use the filters to find the best Airbnb apartment for you.

To choose the best Airbnb, the platform offers users a series of filters. For example:

  • Type of apartment: Whole house (is at your complete disposal), private room (but in a shared house or apartment with more people) or shared room (something like a private hostel). Be aware that you will not know how many people lives in the house unless you ask directly to the host, and a shared bathroom can be with 1 or 20 other persons.
  • Services: Select if you need a washing machine, air conditioning, heating, swimming pool or whatever you want to have during your stay.
  • The number of people: Be honest. Cases are known of travelers who rent for 4 people and then enter 8 to the apartment. The fines for non-compliance are very high and could ruin your trip.
  • Parking: Not all accommodations have free parking included. In large cities or very touristy places, these may not be available. If you are traveling by car, make sure you do not have to pay large amounts to park. Some places tell you about free parking but it is on the public street, if you have a problem with that, better ask the host first.

6. Rules of the house

Because these apartments and rooms belong to third parties, they set their own rules. Make sure you agree with them. For example no smoking, pets are allowed or not, arrival and departure times, the frame of hours for entering the house, annoying noise policy, etc. The best Airbnb for you will depend a lot on these factors.

7. Location of your Airbnb rental

Anyone can offer a room on Airbnb, and this implies that they will be scattered throughout the city. Find out the area where you want to stay and limit your search to this area. This will help you a lot to filter the Airbnb apartments and be able to choose more easily.

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Keep in mind that the further away from the tourist areas, the apartments and hotels tend to be cheaper. It may be convenient for you to get away and look for an area close to the subway or public transport.

8. Cancellation policy

Many apartments have extremely restrictive cancellation policies. Make sure you understand them and that they fit your travel style before making a reservation. For example, some allow free cancellation only up to 48 hours after the reservation is made, others up to 24 hours before your arrival at the apartment. Airbnb is not responsible for these policies because they are posted by the same hosts.

If you like to travel relaxed choosing the destinations during your trip, and staying in cities not previously defined times, then make sure that your Airbnb rental allows you to cancel flexibly and without associated costs; so you can choose the best Airbnb for you.

9. Look at the number of cancellations of the host and the anticipation of these

One of the critical points when choosing an Airbnb apartment is to prevent the hosts from canceling you two days before your arrival. You may be limited to doing so without paying extra charges, but the truth is that the hosts can cancel any minute and leave with nothing.

When this happens, an automatic message is generated within the comment section that says “The host has canceled this stay with X days in advance. This is an automated message”.

We have seen apartment cases with more cancellations than comments. Imagine you have everything ready for your trip and it happens to you … I can not imagine anything more stressful! Better choose accommodations without these types of situations going on.

10. Notify the arrival/departure time and make sure it is ok

Depending on the type of keys that the apartment has, the schedules can be very restricted to arrive and leave the apartment. If you are going to arrive very late at night or in the early morning, ensure that the host or host is available to let you in.

To avoid these problems, many hosts are implementing locks with combinations or security boxes with code where they leave the keys and what you need during your stay.

11. Contact the host before booking if you have questions

If you have any questions, always contact the host before making the reservation. For example, there are apartments with pets so if you are allergic to cats make sure there are not. You go to someone’s house … Anything can happen!

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Contacting the hosts before choosing the best Airbnb is key to the success of your apartment reservation.

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