Benefits and travel insurance with credit cards

by Ale Werner

Maybe you didn’t know, but if you have a good credit card, you can have travel insurance or travel assistance for free. Travel insurance with credit cards is an excellent way to travel protected and paying a “sunk cost” for the bank commissions for having an account with them and the credit card you want. Sometimes is not necessary to buy extra coverage with ensuring companies, you have it by just paying with your credit card…

The most popular credit card companies provide a lot of benefits depending on the category you own, many related to travel. We find insurance for flights loss, luggage delay, travel cancellations and much more. These will help you a lot if you have a problem outside your country while traveling.

During our trip around the world, we complemented our health insurance with a credit card (and we paid for everything with our MasterCard). Due to 3 different baggage delays, we ended up reimbursing more than USD $1,500 in clothing and other valuables. Sounds good?


Perhaps the maintenance charges may be higher depending on your bank when choosing a more “exclusive” card… but, if you are going to travel for some long time, you can end up saving money and more than one disgust just for buying with that credit card. Here are some of the travel benefits for MasterCard and Visa, the most widely used credit card brands worldwide.

Who can have these insurance?

To be eligible for any of these coverages, it is essential that the trip or “problem” you will claim was fully paid with your credit card. Also, the complete journey needs to have a maximum duration of 30 or 60 days (depending on the type of protection and company of your credit card). At the moment of the claim, you will be asked for your account statements, ticket reservations, hotels and any document that you paid with your credit card. So, if you have any problem, remember to keep all documents related to it.

Coverages are only for the card-inhabitant (whose name is on the credit card) and sometimes for direct relatives. You can be asked to show marriage or birth certificates that confirm this close relationship … your friends are not included in the coverage.

For more information on travel insurance related to health and diseases, enter here.

Travel benefits with MasterCard credit cards

Travel insurance with Mastercard credit cards is provided in two client categories: MasterCard Platinum and Mastercard Black. Most of the benefits mentioned here cover the cardholder, their Spouse or partner with Civil Union Agreement and Dependent Children, whether they are traveling together or separately.

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MasterCard Platinum

  • Travel and assistance coordination: A group of personal assistants can help you with accommodation reservations, transportation and everything you need to enjoy your trip. This can be very useful if you have a high budget and are willing to have someone else book for you.
  • Travel medical insurance protection: It works as a coordination and assistance service in case you have an accident or are sick and need medical attention. They can indicate nearby hospitals, recommended doctors and care routes. Also with this insurance (MasterAssist Plus), you can reimburse medical and hospital expenses as long as the trip has been paid in full with your MasterCard. (flights, accommodations, transportation, etc.).
  • Car Insurance: The MasterInsurance Car Coverage pays damages to a rented vehicle caused by collision, theft, vandalism or accidental fire when you pay the rent completely with your Mastercard. In this case it is very important that you reject the CDW / LDW coverage offered by the car rental agency. This insurance does not cover the expenses of a third party involved in the crash if this was your fault, only the repair costs of your leased car.

Mastercard Black:

The benefits include the listings in MasterCard Platinum plus:

  • Boingo Wifi: Bored of the paid wifi at airports or the limited connection times? With yMasterCardcard Black you have a free membership to Boingo, being able to connect for free on more than 1 million hotspots around the world.
  • Travel Inconvenience: Coverage for expenses associated with delayed trips as primary coverage, or canceled before they begin; either by faults on the airline or natural causes such as storms or weather disasters. The coverage given by the airline will always be requested and the excess of expenses that they have not covered will be covered.
  • Lost or delayed luggage: If it takes more than 4 hours to reach your hands after your flight landed, MasterCard covers expenses for the purchase of non-perishable items up to 600 dollars (for example, clothes). You need the claim to the airline and all the papers of the loss of your luggage to make this insurance claim. In case they do not find your luggage, the reimbursement rises to $ 3,000.

For more information regarding MasterCard credit cards, enter here.

Travel benefits with VISA credit cards

Travel insurance with VISA credit cards covers the card-inhabitant, spouse and children under 23 years of age.

Visa Platinum:

  • Travel assistance: Assistance service before and during your trip, in search and reservation of accommodation and transport in your destination cities.
  • International medical emergency service: Covers in case of accidents or illnesses. It includes advice and coverage of medical expenses, transportation or accommodation for your direct family.
  • Vehicle rental insurance: protects the rented vehicle against collision, theft, vandalism, fires, partial accidents and total accidents. Both for you and for other drivers registered in the rental agreement that you have paid in full with your card.
  • Transport Accident Insurance: Covers accidental death or dismemberment in transport accidents on trips, up to one year after the accident while traveling occurred.
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Visa Signature:

The same Visa Platinum benefits, plus:

  • Loss of luggage: USD 1,000 benefit amount in case of loss of luggage.
  • Baggage delay: Covers an amount of USD 500 in purchases of non-perishable and essential items in case of baggage delay for more than 4 hours.

Infinite Visa:

The same Visa Platinum benefits, plus:

  • Loss of luggage: USD 3,000 benefit amount in case of loss of luggage.
  • Baggage delay: Covers an amount of USD 600 in purchases of non-perishable and essential items in case of luggage delay for more than 4 hours.
  • Loss of Connections: If you lost a flight connection for reasons beyond your control, such as the delay of a previous flight, your credit card covers the expenses incurred for arriving at your destination on time; after coverage given by the airline. You must present the coverage received by them to claim this benefit.
  • Accident insurance in a travel destination: Covers accidental death or dismemberment in accidents at your travel destination.
  • Travel delay: Covers the expenses in food and accommodation associated with a delay of your flight or transport, exceeding 4 hours.
  • Trip cancellation: when you have to cancel a trip up to ten days before the departure date due to death or hospitalization of a close family member, accidental damage to your home or workplace, or someone orders you not to leave the country (any authority from your country of domicile)

For more information on VISA credit cards, click here.



Benefits may vary according to your country and the bank issuing the credit card. This is just a reference guide. For more information and confirmation of benefits, get in touch with your bank and directly with them.

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