Advantages of renting a car while traveling

by Ale Werner
Uyuni Salt Flats

Thinking about renting a car while traveling ?. The truth is, we do it whenever possible. We value infinitely the freedom to do what we want in the schedules we want; Especially when the distances between points are large. Here we tell you some advantages of renting a car while you travel.


If you want to travel comfortably, with space for your belongings, without crowds of passengers, you wait at train stations or buses; then a car is an excellent alternative. Especially traveling with children or people with little mobility. Having your own means of transportation will give you the comfort you are looking for.

Move freely

If you expect to travel a lot of places at a distance from each other, having a transport of your own will be very helpful. You will not have to hire tours with other tourists and you will have complete freedom to choose your itinerary and where you want to stop. The best thing is that you can decide the time to spend in each of these places, everything will depend on you.

Discover new places

When we transport ourselves in buses, trains or planes, we are obliged to go up and down in the stations that we buy in advance. If you see something in the way that caught your attention … like a small town on the top of a hill or next to the road, you can not ask the driver to stop so you can enjoy it.

If you like photography you will see how you enjoy being able to decide where to stop and where not. Take your time to take that landscape that you fell in love with. Even talking with those you meet on the road can be quite an adventure.

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When you travel in large groups it can be even cheaper to rent a car or a van for everyone than to be buying tours and transportation separately.

But not only can you save money, but also in time. If you decide to go from one city to another, just take your car and make the journey; You do not have to be arriving before the bus or train stations to avoid losing time … or buying tickets in advance.

Have we convinced you? Then read these tips and recommendations to rent a car abroad.

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