7 airplane travel tips to fly like a pro

by Ale Werner
7 airplane travel tips to fly like a pro

Are you going to travel by plane? Worried about all those hours of travel that await you sitting in a single position? Don’t you know how to sleep on a plane?. There are many things that could worry you before leaving for a long journey. We hope that these 7 airplane travel tips to fly like a pro will be of help!

Also, check our guide of forbidden elements in airplanes. That way you will not have problems when going through the security control.

1. Check-in before arriving at the airport

Most airlines allow you to check-in from 48 hours before your flight, giving you benefits such as choosing your seat. Doing so can save you long waits at the airport since many airlines have established different lines for those who have their check-in and just need to check the bags, and those who don’t. You will also save more than one headache in case your flight is oversold and you are the last person arriving at the airport.

2. Choose your seat wisely for a more comfortable journey.

There are different techniques to fly like a pro. In general, people always choose the seats in the front lines (to get on and off the plane faster, to be the first in choosing their meals, etc.). But, if your goal is to sleep and travel comfortable, the last rows are a gold mine . On flights that are not 100% sold, the empty seats are generally in the back of the plane and you can even have the luck to have 3 full seats to yourself.

One of the best tips for traveling by plane is to be careful with the seats in the emergency exit. Yes, they have more space for the legs, but sometimes these seats do not recline. The same with the row before the emergency exit.

asientos. consejos para viajar en avion

For the latter, there is also a very good technique that has worked for us many times. If you are two passengers traveling together, and the rows have 3 seats per section… take the window and aisle seats, leaving the middle one free (or in the middle row the two aisles and leaving the middle free). The probability of someone choosing a seat in the middle is very low, so you can maybe get all 3 seats for you and your partner!

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3. Wear comfortable clothes that do not itch or cause any disturbance while sitting.

Nothing worse than a long flight in which you are also uncomfortable because your pants are too tight. You are not on a catwalk and, trust me, nobody cares about your clothes. Put on some comfortable pants and be sure to wear socks and a jacket or vest because the air conditioning can make the plane very cold.

Girls! The sports bra is the best invention for long trips. Forget about accommodating the beards of your bra and enjoy a relaxed flight. This is without doubt the best advice for comfortable travel by plane and in general for any type of trip.

4. How to sleep on an airplane

Sleeping in an airplane for many is a challenge. I would love to be one of those people who fall asleep anywhere, but I’m not. Before the trip, buy or get a cervical pad that suits you; don’t forget to try it before to be completely sure is comfortable for your back and neck.

If there is no way for you to fall asleep on a seat, talk to your doctor and ask him or her to prescribe you with sleeping pills. Please, do not self-medicate, always talk to your doctor first. Take the pill only after the plane has taken off because if it takes effect before boarding you may not be allowed to get on the plane… The effect can be very similar to being drunk.

5. Use the fly-points and retribution programs like a master.

More and more airlines are establishing benefit programs that you can sign up for without having necessarily flown with them before. With these you accumulate miles, kilometers or points that you can then exchange for benefits and even cheaper tickets.

In addition, they can give you some discounts for the extra services not included in the flight. This is getting more and more common even on long flights, and not only in low cost low-cost. for example, being charged separately for food, luggage, seat selection and if they could charge you for going to the bathroom I assure you that they would also do it. It will only cost you two minutes to register for this loyalty programs, and maybe get some nice benefits!

6. Beat the jetlag

The jetlag, if you have not heard before, is a state that happens to almost everyone after flying for many hours especially if the hours changes a lot between destinations. Some say it occurs because the Jet travels so fast that they leave behind the biological rhythm of your body, I think the problem is the change of hours. So … How do we fight it?

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The basis of the problem is our biological clock, which is used to control your body according to a period of 24 hours. It recognizes when he must sleep and when you need to be awake. When changing hours between countries or destinations, you may be awake when you should be sleeping… So, you can’t fall asleep because our body thinks it is daytime.

consejos para viajar en avion

The easiest way is by showing the biological clock that the schedule changed by not sleeping during the day even though the first hours in the new country are a martyrdom and you just want to lie down. If it is time to have lunch at the new destination, eat even if you are not hungry, so you can avoid having to do it again until the new meal, etc. At bedtime, there is a natural medicine called Melatonin (free sale in pharmacies) that has proven to be very effective for jetlag. Check with your doctor before taking this or any type of medication, we are not doctors!

Another trick is to get up the next day only with sunlight. Leave the curtains open and let your body work without alarms or alarm clocks.

Finally, a very good idea is to prepare yourself for the trip before departure. Calculate what your new schedule will be and try to slowly change your habits the days before the trip, and the jetlag will be less drastic.

7. Entertainment on board.

Nowadays many airplanes have their own entertainment system on board to make traveling by plane a tremendous experience. Most have screens included in each of the seats where you can watch movies, listen to music, play games and much more. However, do not trust that they are always available. Take with you something that you can distract yourself with, like music on your cell phone or player, a book or whatever you prefer.

This will help you to make time pass a little faster and enjoy your airplane trip even more.

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