10 tips to put together my luggage

by Ale Werner

Starting with your luggage is not always an easy task. Here we leave you “10 tips for putting together your luggage” that will help you organize your things and understand how to pack a travel bag as an expert. These are our best tips to pack a suitcase, after more than 1 year of continuous travel around the world:

1. Make a list of the things you want to carry in your luggage.

Make a list of all the things you want to carry before you start putting things inside your suitcase or backpack. One of the best tips on how to pack a suitcase is that when you assemble your luggage, first put everything in sight; In this way, you get a general idea of everything you are carrying. Then, go packing your suitcase with the things you want to carry the most or you will need first; so you can see how much space and weight is available for everything else.

If you are traveling for a long time, find in this post about great big trips more information.

2. Choose your luggage and its size

Depending on the type of trip you make should be the suitcase or backpack you choose. Here you will find an article that can help you at this point.

3. Divide the items between your checked luggage and the hand luggage.

The most valuable medicines and items such as a computer and camera should be in your carry-on baggage. Within the tips to putting together your luggage that we will give you this is our favorite: it is always good to pack in your hand baggage a change of clothes in case your suitcase does not reach its destination. there is nothing worse than staying only with what you have on while you wait for your luggage to arrive. Having a swimsuit to wait at the beach watching the sea while your suitcase arrives is much better.

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Check in this article also what are the prohibited items in the luggage for airlines.

4. Wear the things that use the most weight and space

It may sound crazy, but carrying the jacket in your hand and putting on the shoes that are heavier and bigger can be very useful if you are short on space and/or weight. More than once I have seen people with two jackets in their hands, and that is because those things are not included in the weight when checking your luggage! In addition, the air conditioning in airplanes can be a torture for some, better go prepared and sheltered.

maletas en aeropuerto

5. Occupy all spaces of your suitcase

There are different theories regarding how to distribute clothes inside a suitcase. After many tests we have come to two options are the best:

  • Store the clothes in rolls: This has the advantage of using less space than if you leave the clothes in your conventional way of folding. It also allows garments do not wrinkle on the road.
  • Stretch clothes by layers: It is the one that has given better results if you are short of space. The bad thing is that it can be uncomfortable if you then need to look for something specific … I recommend it for the trip back home; or if you are going to get to a place where you will keep your things in a closet or chest of drawers anyway.

In addition, another tip on how to pack a travel bag is to remember to fill empty spaces; like inside the shoes and other holes that remain when assembling your luggage.

6. Organize your things with hermetic or closed bags

they will be very useful especially to separate your dirty clothes from the clean ones. Also, you will see that after a few days you will not want the smells to pass from one to the other … In addition, they will help you organize your suitcase (eg, keep your underwear and socks in one, liquids in another, etc.)

Nowadays they sell suitcase organizing kits that consist of several cloth bags of different sizes. In one, you can keep your shirts, in another, you can put your shirts, in another one the shorts and pants, etc. In this way, everything will be much easier to find stuff if you move constantly between cities. (The bad thing is that you will use more suitcase space, but if that’s not a problem I recommend them 100%)

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7. Check well what you will carry in your toiletry bag

In general, it is the heaviest item in our suitcase. If you carry hand luggage, check here what items you can not carry and remember that at most the creams and liquids must be in 100 ml containers and everything must be able to be stored in a plastic bag of 20 cm x 20 cm to go through the control of airport security.

Another of the best tips for packing a suitcase is always to think with a cool head about what you really need and how much you will need. You can transfer the contents of your favorite cream to a small container and carry only the amount you will actually use. The same with shampoo, conditioner, soap and other types of liquids and creams. Things that are contingent in general can be left for a couple of weeks at home …

8. Distribute the elements like an expert.

In suitcases with wheels, this is easier. If you want to do it well and stay stable it is important to put the heavier elements near the wheels. Also, worry about filling all the spaces; thus when putting it upright will not move all the clothes down.

In the case of backpacks, a good distribution is key. Not only will it make it more comfortable to carry it, it will also be a great relief for your back. This will prevent you from swinging to some side or leaving you sticking some strange element in some strange position on your back. With this advice on how to pack a travel bag, you will not only avoid physical problems and back pain, but you will also give space a better use.

  • For stability, you must place the heavier elements on the bottom.
  • Be careful that sharp objects are well kept to avoid injuring your precious travel friend.
  • Worry to distribute the weight well between the left and right side.
  • Another important fact is to try to compact things as much as it will make the backpack more manageable to put it on and take it out.
  • Pull the cords and fasteners well when you are ready to compact them even more.
  • Finally, use the main accesses of your backpack to have at hand what you use most and leave at the center the things that are not so necessary.

In both cases, if you carry fragile things, protect them with the rest of the clothes.

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9. Do not completely fill your suitcase

Many of us make the mistake of starting the trip with a suitcase already full or at the maximum weight limit. But think that you will always want to bring some memory, give something to your friends and family or simply buy something that you liked.

Leave room for these unforeseen purchases and you’ll see how you feel more relaxed on the trip.

10. Think you’re going to another country or city, not another planet.

Everywhere there are pharmacies, supermarkets, and stores where they will sell any item that stayed at home, you did not reach to buy before leaving or you realized that you needed later. Calm down! Everything has a solution.

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