Surf in Lagundri Bay, Nias, Indonesia

by Ale Werner
The Point, Lagundri Bay, Nias, Indonesia

Considered by some to be one of the 10 best waves in the world, Lagundri Bay has become an attraction thanks to the perfect waves that arrive every day to the bay. This break is also known as Nias, Sorake or The Point.

It is located on the island of Nias in Indonesia, west of the island of Sumatra. It is accessible only by plane through the Medan airport or by ferry from Sibolga. To learn more about how to get to Nias and the island, enter here.

Map of Nias

History of Lagundri Bay

It is said that Lagundri Bay was the first world-class wave discovered in western Sumatra. The first one to arrive in this shore were Kevin Lovett, John Giesel and Peter Troy in 1975, who undertook a trip through the jungle in search of a wave and found this wave, a wonder and perfection on the sea for surfing in Nias.

However, it was not until after the 2004 tsunami and the 2005 earthquake that the change in the landscape and geography of the area led to Lagundri to becoming an almost perfect wave. The reef rase almost half a meter, so the wave became much more constant, operating from 3 feet and with any tide. It has reached up to 15 feet, but those days are only for experts to surf in Lagundri Bay.

Surf en Lagundri Bay. Viajar a Nias y Lagundri Bay.

About the wave in Lagundri Bay:

Lagundri Bay has two PointBreaks because it’s a bay. The main one is the one that comes from the west side: The Point. Here you can find a right wave any day of the year, giving life to the saying “all time Nias”. Some details about this wave:

  • Point Break.
  • Break on the west side of the bay
  • A horseshoe-shaped entrance that allows jumping into the water at its tips without much effort.
  • Right break. Predictable and constant.
  • Length of approximately 100 meters in good condition.
  • Up to 5 sections where you can surf, allowing a greater number of surfers in the water.
  • Regular tube with a duration of up to 10 seconds in good condition.

Optimal climatic conditions for Lagundri Bay:

  • Swell S-SW and offshore wind from the north.


The Point in Lagundri Bay is ideal for all types of surfers, from beginners to experts. However, the higher the wave, the greater the difficulty, even for experts.

  • Up to 4-5 feet: beginner level. However, it is not ideal to learn because of the bottom of coral and rock.
  • 6-7 feet: intermediate / difficult level. It demands experience.
  • 8-10 feet: expert level. Only professionals should enter to surf in Lagundri Bay in this conditions.
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The Point, Lagundri Bay, Nias, Indonesia

Other surfers and localism:

Due to the difficulty in the access to Lagundri Bay, not many surfers come to this beach. Even in high season, you can expect about 20 or 30 surfers in the water, it’s hard to see more than that. It may sound a lot because it is only a wave, but it has several sections and, in addition, being so regular allows the surfers to enjoy a lot anyway.

Regarding the localism, there are certain stories of problems with them. They are quite territorial, but over the years locals have been able to realize that foreigners bring work and money to the island, so you will not have major complications if you don’t still their waves and behave properly in the water.

Surf events in Lagundri Bay.

An international class surfing competition takes place every year for surf in Lagundri Bay. Important and well known surfers arrive to try to dominate the right when is up to 10 feet high.

This event, called “Nias Pro”, is generally held during August of each year in Lagundri Bay.

Best time to surf in Lagundri Bay:

The best time to surf in Lagundri Bay is from May to September, when the swell increases in size reaching 6 – 8 feet (2 – 2.5 meters) and generating a perfect right wave.

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