Sports with kids at Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin, USA

by Ale Werner
Devil’s Lake

This is a Guest Post by Family Fun Joy

My husband and I are family travel bloggers at Family Fun Joy who love to spend their time on unique experiences with our two boys.  If we are not traveling or camping, we are usually planning the next adventure.  “Life is one big adventure made up of a million experiences,” is the family mantra that helps us see beyond just today. 

Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin is the state’s most popular state park.  Located in the middle of the state, just a half an hour from Wisconsin Dells this park is easy to get to and a part of anyone’s day of adventure.  When our family goes to Devil’s Lake we swim, kayak, hike, paddle board, and (our favorite) camp!  Inside the park, you will find two beautiful beaches on Devil’s Lake as well as seventeen trails!!!  Yes, I said seventeen! This is a popular place for families from Madison, Wisconsin which is about an hour away.

Hiking Trails at Devil’s Lake

With seventeen hiking trails at Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin, no matter what your level of expertise you will find a perfect challenge for you and your family.  If you need a relaxing stroll there is a hike for you. We recommend the Tumbled Rock trail, which is actually an asphalt trail accessible for wheelchairs.  This is a beautiful trail right along the west side of the lake.

When we hike together as a family we like to have a combination of easy stroll and medium level climbing which would include inclines, declines, rock steps, and some challenging maneuvering around the bluffs.

Hiking Trails at Devil’s Lake

For a medium hiking trail at Devil’s Lake, we have a few recommendations from our family.  The first is the East Bluff trail with stone steps and wooded areas. We hike close to the edge of the bluff and then winds back into the woods.  

What we like about this trail is there are three offshoots of this trail that are more difficult including Balanced Rock and Devil’s Doorway.  My husband and boys will often go off to the Balanced Rock trail or Devils’ Doorway.

The challenge level takes a huge step forward when you gather your ropes and carabiners and decide to take the vertical ascent up the bluff.  Devil’s Lake has some of the best rock climbing in the Midwestern United States.  There are outfitters and guides available for the rock climbers out there!

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Devil’s Lake

Kayaking at Devil’s Lake

A smooth lake with eye-catching views and beaches to explore are the highlights of any kayaker’s day.  Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin will be one of your NEW favorite destinations for your family to kayak together. 

There are rentals available for both double and single kayaks as well as paddle boards.  The prices are very reasonable.

Whether you are in a double kayak with your kids or singles for the entire family, kayaking is a great way to build tight relationships based on compromise, motivation, and cooperation.  Our favorite “trail” on the lake is to paddle from the North beach to the South beach along the Western Bluff, this trail is awesome for seeing all the rock formations along the upper Eastern Bluff. 

Once we get to the Southern Beach we have a small lunch and stretch out our legs, then do a center “trail” down the middle of the lake.  Your family will love kayaking in this smooth lake with huge bluffs on either side.

Kayaking at Devil’s Lake

Swimming and Diving at Devil’s Lake

Swimming is a pure pleasure at Devil’s Lake, with two beaches, soft sandy beaches and seasonably warm waters our family is always happy to swim in Devil’s Lake.  After a long hike or a hot summer day of camping, we long for a few hours playing in the water, building sandcastles and picnicking.

Camping at Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake is one of our all-time favorite places to camp mostly because there are so many things to do within the state park.  There are four campgrounds within the park and each has unique attributes. 

The Ice Age Campground has all non-electric sites, is mostly wooded or high grasses and is a favorite for pop-ups and tents.

The Northern Lights Campground has a wide variety of campsites some with electric some without, and some wooded some in open areas.  There is a play area and is closer to the beach.

The Quartzite Campground has more electrical sites (some non-electrical) and mostly open field camping. 

The Group Campground is perfect for youth groups, family reunions or large groups.  This is specifically for tenting groups and has very limited amenities.

Our family enjoys the Northern Lights Campground the best because there is a play area we can enjoy with our kids throughout our camping trip.



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