Guide to travel to Positano

by Ale Werner

In this post, you will find our complete guide to travel to Positano, one of the most popular cities on the Amalfi Coast. We have gathered here all the information that can become relevant to build your trip and enjoy this without problems, in a summarized and easy to read. What to see in Positano, what to do in Positano, where to sleep in Positano, how to get around Positano and more.

A little bit about Positano …

Positano should undoubtedly be the most spectacular city on the Amalfi Coast. Why? Well … I would not know how to describe in words the hundreds of colorful houses hanging from the cliffs of a rather steep hill, which has only one street in one direction (to return you have to turn around the road and re-enter if you are by car) and many pedestrian streets (which are actually more stairs than streets).

You can access the map here.

What to see in Positano.

Get lost through the city streets

There is no doubt that the greatest attraction is the city as such. Its architecture, its colorful houses, its intricate streets of ascents, descents, and stairs. The truth is that there are no words to describe the wonder you have before your eyes. Go through the streets without fear, you will always reach somewhere central or crowded. Wear comfortable shoes and go prepared to do a lot of exercises, it’s worth the effort.

Spiaggia Grande

It is the main beach of Positano. During the summer it is full of chairs and umbrellas for the tourists and locals in the area. It is the only beach on the coast that has sand instead of stones, so it is very attractive to visitors. The views of the city from here are unmissable, so even if you go in winter do not hesitate to go down to the coast.

In addition, from here depart the excursions to Capri, the Grotta dello Smeraldo and other places on the coast. You can also rent jet skis in summer.

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Spiaggia Grande

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

The main church in the city and a must see. It emphasizes its architecture, its cherubs in the arches and a Madonna Negra (virgin) of the XIII century.

Spiaggia del Fornillo

Smaller but beautiful. Here you can find diving courses during the summer. It is no that much visited because to get there you have to go down and then climb more than 400 stairs, but the views are worth it.

Grutta dello Smeraldo (Grotto of the Emerald)


You can take a boat that will take you here, about 10 minutes from Positano. Inside there is an intense green color that is reflected in the sea giving beautiful views. It seems false, but it is completely natural.

Useful information for traveling to Positano

Best time to visit Positano

Please see our post on the Amalfi Coast here for more information.

How to get to Positano

The Positano stop is on the main road of the Amalfi coast, so there is nowhere to get lost. The buses will leave you in the upper part of the city.

Why do we say upper? Because being a hanging city to cross it you will have to go down an endless number of stairs (and up them too).

You can also access on Ferry from other cities in the area, like Amalfi or Sorrento.

Amalfi Coast
The coastal road through the Amalfi Coast

Where to sleep in Positano

Of all the small cities in the Amalfi Coast, this is the one with the largest offer, unlike Amalfi and Ravello.

A cliff divides the city into two halves. To the west you will find the area of Spiaggia del Fornillo, the most affordable area; and to the east is the area near Spiaggia Grande and the most touristic center of Positano, this is the most expensive and luxurious one.

If your budget is limited, you can find better options in Sorrento or Salerno and visit Positano for the day.

Where to eat in Positano

Finding where to eat is not difficult, most of the restaurants are on the sides of the street that runs through Positano. In the vicinity of the main church, you can also find several options. As for food, this is the most expensive city on the Amalfi coast.

Where to buy in Positano

What to buy?

The star of this place is lemons. You will find them in all their styles and formats. As liqueurs, as juice, as ornaments, as magnets, as postcards, etc.

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In addition, fashion is something key to this city; there is even the so-called “Positano fashion”. You will find various clothing stores and also shoes and sandals. You can make tailored shoes and clothes ones in just a couple of hours.

Costa Amalfitana

Where to buy?

The main street of the city in terms of shops and commerce is “Via dei Mulini”, a pedestrian street that goes down to the beach.

If you arrive by car, keep in mind that the street that passes through the city is only one way. You must enter from the west and exit in the east. If you passed the place where you wanted to go, you are forced to leave the city, grab the road and re-enter.

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