Guide to travel to Jurmala in Latvia

by Ale Werner
Guide to travel to Jurmala in Latvia and Jürmala beach

Jurmala is a beach in Latvia very close to the capital, Riga. During our trip around the world, we were able to travel to Jürmala in Latvia, a spectacular day trip that allows you to get out of the city life and enjoy the cold and calm Baltic Sea. In this post we give you our guide to travel to Jurmala in Latvia, we explain how to travel to Jurmala and what to see in Jurmala.

Travel to Jurmala in Latvia: a bit of history.

In Latvian, the language of the country, Jurmala means “coast of the sea”; and that’s what you find in this place only 30 minutes from Riga. It is undoubtedly the most visited in the region. Many take advantage of good weather and sunny days to escape into enjoying its miles of sand and sea. Actually, Jürmala is a series of small summer resorts, which are located along the beach.

This place is ideal to spend a day at the Baltic Sea in good weather. Arriving at the train or bus station, you will notice that the houses are more like mansions and here the richest people in Latvia are vacationing.

Since the end of the 18th century, the region has become a place for summer vacations and rest for Russian military and landowners. Several sanitariums have been installed that have now been transformed into hotels or spas.

You can access the map here.

What to see in Jürmala:

As you will have seen in this guide to travel to Jurmala, the area has many attractions. Here we tell you the main things so you know what to see in Jurmala.

Jürmala Beach

On your trip to Jürmala in Latvia, the highlight will be Jürmala beach. It measures 33 kilometers long where different tourism centers are located. The most popular are Dubulti and Majori, as the waters are calm and ideal to enjoy with young children, alone, with friends or however you like.

According to Wikipedia: “The beach of each region has its own character. In Majori and Bulduri, where the Blue Flag flies, it is possible to rent water bicycles or relax in the beach cafeteria. In Dubulti and Dzintari in competitions in beach soccer and beach volleyball in the taking of the place, but on the beach of Pumpuri there is kitesurfing and windsurfing “

Jomas iela: Pedestrian street parallel to Jürmala beach

On this 1 kilometer long street, you will find most of the bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes. Ideal for walking.

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Livu Water Park

If you’re in the mood for a little more excitement, this water park has several slides and activities for the whole family. Do not imagine Disney, but it is quite entertaining for what other travelers have told us. We didn’t have the time to go.

The turtle of Jürmala.

On the beach Majori we find a sculpture of a turtle, a sign of Jürmala. It was made in 1995 by the sculptor J.Barda, symbolizing the hope of life.

Guide to travel to Jurmala in Latvia and Jürmala beach

Kemeri National Park:

If your like parks, nature and walking through forests and plains, then you can visit the Kemeri National Park in Jürmala. Here there are also thermal waters and therapeutic mud baths. We have not visited it, but we leave you a link where you can find more information.

Important information to plan your trip to Jurmala

Best time to go to Jurmala:

Because the main activity here is to enjoy the beach, it is only advisable to visit this place between May and September, when it is the best time to go to Jürmala.

The hottest month of the year is July, when the maximum average temperature is 22ºC. Despite the heat, it is the time when it rains most in the area, but even so, it is still the best time to travel to Jürmala in Latvia.

Guide to travel to Jurmala in Latvia and Jürmala beach

During the summer (June to August) is when you can enjoy the area more because it is much more active. All the restaurants are open and the streets are full of life. Also during this time, there are lots of concerts and musical performances, so it is undoubtedly the best time to go to Jürmala.

How to travel to Jurmala from Riga

Jürmala is not usually a travel destination in itself, but a perfect day tour to do from Riga. Once you are in the capital of Latvia, you have several alternatives to get to Jürmala. Below, we show you the main and best alternatives of how to travel to Jurmala


From the train station in Riga, trains leave every 20 minutes to the Jürmala region. You must take one that passes through Dubulti, Sloka, Kemeri or Tukums stations.

The best alternative to see the relaxed side of Jürmala and enjoy the beach is to get off at Dubulti, which is also the closest one to Riga. This is the tourist center of Jurmala that we recommend the most.

Guide to travel to Jurmala in Latvia and Jürmala beach


From Elizabetes iela in the street Satekles iela the bus number 263 leaves several times a day with Dubulti as one of its destinations. Travel time is about 25 minutes. The price varies between 1 Lt and 2 Lt.

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Only during the summer months, there are panoramic ferries that cross the Daugaya and Lielupe rivers. The time to get to Jürmala is much slower and the prices vary between 5 and 10 Lt. It’s only recommendable if you want to take a view of the rivers.


It is also possible to make the road in own or leased car. There is a 1 Lt toll on the road.

Tourist tips for your trip to Jürmala.

The coast of the Jurmala region is very extensive and is full of small “towns” or “tourist centers”. You can get to Dubulti and walk along the beach to Majori, where there is another train and/or bus station. By visiting this way you can know more without having to return in the same way you already did.

Guide to travel to Jurmala in Latvia and Jürmala beach

Where to sleep in Jürmala:

If you are traveling to Jürmala from Riga it is not advisable to stay overnight in Jürmala. Being only 30 minutes by train you can go quietly to spend the day and then return. In addition, the value of the accommodations is significantly higher than in the city.

Where to eat in Jürmala and nightlife in Jürmala:

Where to Eat in Jurmala:

In the center area of the city, there are several restaurants and shops. Also along the beach, you can find places to enjoy fish and seafood overlooking the Baltic sea. You can buy a beer and relax looking at the Baltic Sea landscape.

If you are looking for something more exclusive or better quality, it is best to go to Jomas Iela street where there are several alternatives available.

Nightlife in Jurmala:

The nightlife in this area is only active during the summer, when many bars open their doors to the thousands of holidaymakers who reach the coast. Most of these are located on the pedestrian street Jomas iela.

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