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by Ale Werner
view of amalfi

In this post you will find our complete guide to travel to Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast; one of the most popular cities in this wonderful area of Italy. We have gathered here all the information that can become relevant to build your trip and enjoy this without problems; in summary form and easy to read. What to see in Amalfi, what to do in Amalfi, where to sleep in Amalfi, how to move around the city and much more.

A little bit about Amalfi …

The arrival to Amalfi through the narrow and winding roads of the coast will impress you. Obligatoryly the road passes through the city so it is not necessary to worry about taking any detour.

This city was on old times a true power because of its seaport. Because of this, you will see it as a place of huge and majestic constructions. It worked in this way until the twelfth century when it was taken by the Pisans and its importance fell quickly.

In the fourteenth century it was hit by a strong tsunami that destroyed much of it and tithed much of its population; however, it was rebuilt and today we can see it as one of the must-sees in southern Italy.

For more information about the Amalfi Coast visit this post of Life on the Mediterranean.

You can access the map here.

What to see in Amalfi.

Amalfi Beach

The beach of this small town is down the steps of the road. In summer it is full of colorful umbrellas and tourists who come to cool off from the high temperatures.

Amalfi Beach

Piazza del Duomo

From here you can see the magnificent Cathedral of the city, undoubtedly one of the sites of greatest interest in Amalfi. Next to the square is the Fontana di Sant’Andrea (Saint Andrew), with a sculpture of the apostle who gives the near church its name.

Via Lorenzo di Amalfi

It is the main street in the city and in it, you will find many shops, restaurants, bars and all the life in the city.

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Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea (Duomo)

Built in the tenth century, but with a facade that has changed over the years incorporating different styles such as baroque and Arabic. Inside it, in the Crypt, are the remains of Saint Andrew; the first disciple of Jesus, who gives the name to the cathedral. Several marble works in this one were carved by the popular Bernini. You will also pass through what looks like a garden, but in reality it is the cloister where the nobles of the city were buried, decorated with huge marble columns and Arab arches.

Its streets and little roads.

Do not miss visiting some of its streets, without any apparent destination. The architecture is very beautiful to get lost in it for a while.


Information to plan your trip to Amalfi in Italy

When to visit Amalfi

Please see our post on the Amalfi Coast here for more information.

How to get to Amalfi

Regarding the way to get to Amalfi, the buses and boats will leave you in the main square of the city, looking at the beach. From there it is impossible to get lost!

Where to sleep in Amalfi

In general stay in these cities will not come down from a price of $ 120 per night in a single piece. But if you want to do it when traveling to Amalfi, there are several hotels in the same center of the city. We recommend booking well in advance, as the offer is small and it fills up very quickly. In the surrounding cities, there are also several options that can be better for travelers with a lower budget.

As we tell you in our post on the Amalfi coast, we recommend you to stay in other cities (such as Sorrento or Salerno) and visit Amalfi for the day.

Where to eat in Amalfi

On the main street, Via Lorenzo di Amalfi, you will find the largest offer of restaurants. In general, those who are on the coast are overvalued only because of their position facing the sea.

Where to shop in Amalfi

In general, the city is quite expensive, but you can find many designer items and exclusive clothes on the main street, Via Lorenzo di Amalfi.

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