Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

by Ale Werner
Amalfi Coast travel guide

In this post, you will find our complete travel guide to the Amalfi Coast, which we have built based on our experience and the comments of our followers. What to see on the Amalfi Coast, what to do on the Amalfi Coast, where to sleep on the Amalfi Coast, how to get around its beautiful cities and much more.

A little bit of history before traveling to the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast … A place was taken from a fairy tale, with its small coastal towns and mountains that are located along curvilinear and narrow roads surrounded by olive trees, lemons, and vineyards. When traveling to the Amalfi Coast you will find huge cliffs looking at the turquoise Mediterranean sea; where the towns are located and it seems that their houses and streets are clinging to the vertiginous precipices.

In terms of Unesco, and to give you an idea:

“The coastal strip of Amalfi is of great natural beauty. It has been intensely populated since the early Middle Ages. It includes a series of cities such as Amalfi and Ravello, which house especially remarkable architectural and artistic works. Its rural areas bear witness to the adaptability of its inhabitants who have taken advantage of the diversity of the cultivation terrain, from the vineyards and terraced orchards on the lower slopes, to the grazing lands in the highlands.”


What to see on the Amalfi Coast.

All the municipalities and towns in the Amalfi Coast have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997, however, here we leave you the most recommended ones and that you can’t miss during your trip to the Amalfi Coast for its beauty and its history.

Click on each city to learn more about them.

  1. Ravello
  2. Amalfi
  3. Positano
  4. Sorrento
  5. Capri

Do you want to know more before traveling to the Amalfi Coast?

Best time to go to the Amalfi Coast

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is between March and May, in the Amalfi Spring.

The temperatures are pleasant and there is little rain. The high season begins in April after Easter and lasts until the end of summer in August. During those months the temperature can reach up to 38 degrees but we can assure you clear skies.

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During the fall, from September to November, the temperatures begin to fall and also to rain. The largest rains are between November and December. During the winter many hotels and restaurants are closed and temperatures can reach 0 degrees.

How to get to the Amalfi Coast

The easiest way to get to the Amalfi Coast is through the two largest cities at their extremes:

1. Reaching Amalfi Coast by Sorrento:

By train is the simplest way to get to Sorrento, in which you must reach the terminal station Circumvesuviana, which comes by the line from Naples that bears the same name as the station. Another alternative is to take the Campania Express train, which is more expensive and less frequent but also makes fewer stops.

Most of the tourists who manage to travel to the Amalfi Coast sleep in this city.

Sorrento - Amalfi Coast
Sorrento bus terminal by the sea

2. Reaching Amalfi Coast by Salerno:

To get to Salerno, take a train to the main station, Stazione Salerno. Trains arrive from almost all of Italy. From here you can take public buses, rent a car or rent a motorbike to get to any of the cities on the Amalfi Coast.

To secure your tickets and schedules, in addition to itineraries from wherever you come to Italy, visit the official Trenitalia website


How to move through the Amalfi Coast

To travel to the Amalfi Coast and move between the different cities and towns there are three viable alternatives:

Amalfi Coast signs

There are buses that depart from the main cities every day from 06:00 am to 9:00 pm approximately. The ticket costs around 7 euros for the full day and you should buy it at the kiosks in the cities because they are not sold on the same bus. If you only want to do a stretch you can also buy for 1 hour or 2 hours at lower rates. This is usually the most used means of transport when traveling to the Amalfi Coast.

To know the schedules at each stop, we leave you a page where the departures of these are in all directions.

Boat / Ferrie:

From most of the ports on the Amalfi Coast, there are ships that move between the coastal cities and also go to the island of Capri and Salerno. The views from the coast are the best, so if you have the possibility to do it, do it!

Leased car:

Leasing a car on the Amalfi Coast will give you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. But keep in mind that not all are wonders because the parking lots in the cities are very expensive and the parking places are limited. Either you will have to pay a lot, or you will have to be parked several hundred meters away from the attractions and places of interest.

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Here we tell you our best tips for leasing a car abroad.

Where to sleep on the Amalfi Coast

The first thing to keep in mind when traveling to the Amalfi Coast is that from November to April most of the hotels are closed for the offseason. Meanwhile, in July and August, the demand for accommodation is enormous due to a large number of tourists in the area and it can be difficult to find in the best locations. Given the above, it is always advisable to book in advance of your arrival at the Amalfi Coast.

Staying in the most tourist cities (such as Amalfi and Positano) is the best alternative if you can afford it, but we tell you since the prices are overflowing.

If you do not have such a high budget for your trip to the Amalfi Coast, a good alternative is to look for in nearby cities or in the big extreme cities; for example, Sorrento or Salerno where there is a greater offer and also greater variety of prices. It is true that you will spend more time moving around every day, but we do not believe that this is a bad thing. The trips between cities of the Amalfi Coast and its coastal roads are spectacular and beautiful.

We stayed in a small town near Salerno called Vietri Sul Mare; which besides being very well located surprised us. Small and beautiful!

Access the map link by clicking here.

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